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Timbaland feat. Attitude & 6 Two – Lil Apartment (2011)

Ok, I know there are a few real hip hop heads that have been looking for this song for a few years now. This song features Attitude and 6 Two. Attitude has appeared many times with Timbaland on Shock Value 1&2, but the most notable credit Attitude has is his role in writing for “Promiscuous Girl” with Nelly Furtado. A lot of you guys may remember 6 Two from working with Dr. Dre on the “Chronic 2001″ album, he was featured on the song “Xxplosive”. 6 Two also has writing credits on “Wait a Minute” with the Pussy Cat Dolls. This Timbaland Thursday song was originally slated to go on Shock Value 1 but fell short of the album.

DOWNLOAD: Timabaland – Lil Apartment f. Attitude & 6 Two | Mediafire

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